TimberTech Deck Boards

TimberTech Deck Boards

TimberTech is a deck board manufacturer that has been around for quite some time. They are focused on providing a product that mimics the aesthetics of a wood plank, but not made of it. The whole idea behind it was to build a material that was low maintenance and longer lasting. They “Go Against the Grain and never settle for the status quo”

TimberTech sources post-consumer and post-industrial plastics and transfers their raw materials to their in house recycling facilities. They have a team of engineers, researchers and innovators convert these materials into what is called TimberTech. 

They have saved 3 million trees from being cut down since 2001. This caused them to end up reaching 500 million lbs of scrap and waste from landfills in 2021. 

TimberTech’s future goal is to end up using 1 billion pounds of recycled material annually.

  • Sophisticated Aesthetics
  • Tech-Enabled Design
  • Sustainable Living
  • Seamless Experience

TimberTech has 3 amazing decking lines that fall under Good, Better, and Best

Timbertech Edge:  Available in the Prime+ Collection:  (Good)

  • Attainable and attractive
  • High-value, low-maintenance
  • The natural next step for the discerning deck owner ready to ditch wood for good
  • 25-year limited fade & stain Warranty


TimberTech Pro:  Available in the Legacy Collection, Reserve Collection, and Terrain Collection (Better)

  • Premium style and quality
  • Surpasses leading competitors top tier
  • Strong, reliable, and engineered to endure
  • Ideal for everyday decks
  • 30-year Limited fade & stain warranty


TimberTech Azek:  Available in the Vintage Collection, Landmark Collection, Harvest Collection:  (Best)

  • Unrivaled design and performance
  • Sophisticated, real-wood aesthetics
  • Stays cooler on hot days
  • Ideal for everyday decks, pool surrounds, waterfront retreats, and rooftop escapes
  • 50-year Limited fade & stain warranty


The design possibilities are endless with this decking board. Thanks to its material, it allows us to bend and curve our designs. 

As always, if you’re considering installing a new deck, fix, or replace, give our team a call.

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