The Importance of Gutters

The Importance of Gutters

You might be wondering after looking around your home, are Gutters necessary? The answer to this question is yes but it will vary upon your climate. But ultimately, why risk damaging your home with erosion and mold, if you can simply take the precaution to provide your home with an extra layer of protection. Gutters provide water a path of direction to steer away from your home, instead of into your home. 

Most importantly, in order to have a functioning gutter system you must make sure that it is clean of debris and allows the flow of water to seamlessly enter and exit through the downspout.

There are different types of gutters available to you.

K Style and U Style

You can also have custom made gutters that will look part of your fascia molding all around your home. These customizations can be a little more different to install, but count on us to take care of that for you! Keep in mind, this might be a little more expensive.

Aluminum: Is typically the most popular and comes in 3 standard thicknesses. 0.025, 0.027, 0.32.

Copper:  Copper has the best shine from it’s installation. But it eventually transforms into a dark colored green from age and water. Despite its appearance, it withholds its strength. Just make sure to enjoy its shine as much as you can!

Steel:  A lot stronger than aluminum gutters, and won’t be dented as easily from storms. But it won’t escape the possibility of rust. They usually last for around 10 years and it tends to be a bit heavier than aluminum.

Vinyl: Isn’t the strongest option but will provide you with an easy installation along with an affordable cost.

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